PORTRAITS MUSICIEN DIEGO MANUSCHEVICH PAUL LE BRUN -3_HDBorn in Santiago, Chile (1984), saxophonist/clarinetist/composer Diego Manuschevich has been an active and respected musician in the Chilean jazz scene for the last ten years. Greatly enriched by his listening experience living in New York in his youth and an insatiable appetite for record collecting and learning about the history of jazz, he picked up his first instrument at age 14. Since then he has sought to develop an individual voice on all his instruments inspired by the great masters of the jazz tradition while also keeping an ear open to modern and contemporary classical music.

He has composed and arranged for several groups under his leadership from duets to nonets ranging in styles from traditional swing to modern and avant-garde jazz, and has participated in numerous free improvisation projects with musicians such as Hugo Manuschevich, Steve Swell, Stephen Gauci, Marc Edwards, Eric Zinman, François Grillot, Todd Capp, Cristian Gallardo, Raimundo Santander, Armando Ulloa, Roberto C. Lecaros, Mauricio Rodriguez, Matias Mardones, among others.

Apart from his appearances as a sideman in various recordings (with DAZ Cuarteto, Ensamble Quintessence, Javier Valdebenito Trio, among others) he has released two recordings under his own name featuring all original compositions, The Calling (2012) and Yelcho (2013), in sextet and quintet format respectively.

Since, he has settled in France, obtaining a Bachelors degree at Strasbourg Conservatory in 2017 and continuing to lead and collaborate in projects with musicians such as Samuel Dühsler, Bernard Struber, Elie Martin-Charrière (Recording “Dear Friend” in 2017 with Valdebenito), Banz Öster, Jean Marc Foltz, Laurent Dehors, Tristan Honsinger and Matthieu Mazué (winning the Jazz en Ville contest as a duo in 2018). 

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